Virtually Travel These States With VSQ Travel

While you are stuck at home, we know you are itching to get out and travel. Once we can explore the world again and take advantage of our freedom, VSQ Travel is here to inspire you for your next vacation. Thinking about hiking, laying on a beach, or cruising through the desert? We are here to daydream about your next adventure while appreciating the United States for all its amazing wonders. Here is a list of states we think you will want to jet off to once we are no longer grounded:


Tennessee is known for its love of music! Considering that the city of Memphis is known as the birthplace of blues and Nashville is the home of country music – Tennessee is always rockin’. Not only does Tennessee have a great music scene, but breathtaking greenery can be found throughout the rest of the state. Tennessee is full of southern hospitality and can be quite affordable. Whether you would rather attend a music festival or hike along a lush trail, Tennessee is a great place to visit!

North Carolina

During any season in North Carolina, there are numerous cities to explore and greenery to see. North Carolina’s coast trails along for more than 300 miles including romantic towns, national beaches and award-winning restaurants. Not only is the beach an option, but there is plenty to explore on the Appalachian Trail or along the Rocky Knob Mountain. North Carolina attracts many travelers due to its rich history. It is home to some of the oldest universities in the country including UNC-Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt University and Duke University.


If you love a big city feel with endless amount of history, Massachusetts is the place for you! Not only is Massachusetts the home of where the pilgrims landed, Plymouth, but it is home to some iconic locations. Boston, Massachusetts’s largest city, can provide you with endless historic sites followed by sporting events and amazing eateries. Cape Cod on the other hand, includes white sand beaches and picturesque scenery. Nature lovers can also explore the towns of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Massachusetts has a laundry list of historic cities & quaint beach towns and it is waiting for you to visit. We didn’t even mention Salem! Salem is the birth of the Salem Witch Trials making Massachusetts a great place to explore right around Halloween.


Utah is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Featuring national parks, national forests, state parks and ski resorts, Utah is made up of beautiful natural wonders. Arches National Park is one of the most famous places to explore in Utah. This desert may seem bare, but it is full of red rocks and wildlife. Zion National Park includes numerous hiking trails and endless colorful sandstone cliffs. If skiing is more your speed, head to Salt Lake City and spend time at the many luxurious ski resorts with family and friends!

What are You Daydreaming About?

As we continue to wait out for better news, we can dream about the numerous places we want to visit for the rest of 2020. While we continue to explore the US from our computers, phones and televisions, planning a trip can provide us something to daydream about. In hopes we receive better news in the future, this is the best way we can support local economies and the travel industry during this time. Once we can explore again, pack your bags, grab your friends and family and get out there! We may not know when, but your next adventure is waiting for you!

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