Depending on which city or state you visit, your budget for food, travel, entertainment, etc., will differ. If you plan carefully and watch your spending, you can see some of the best sights in the U.S. without having to blow your budget. Here are our money saving tips:

Stay in a City with Public Transit

Large metropolitan areas like New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. have subway systems that locals take every day to get to work or other destinations. To save money as you travel from sites throughout the city, you should consider riding one of the affordable public transit options. You’ll avoid traffic, and you’ll save on cab and rental car costs.

Go to Free Attractions

Whether you’re in New York City, Las Vegas, San Francisco, or any other major U.S. city, there are tons of opportunities to see the things you want to visit without spending a fortune or
anything at all. Many of the landmarks in these cities are free to view from the outside, so break out your camera, go for a stroll and see some of the most iconic landmarks in the world!

Save on Food

While you can find budget restaurants and fast food joints throughout the country, if the hotel or rental home you are staying at offers a kitchen, you should highly consider shopping at local grocery stores and preparing your own meals. You’ll be able to save on food costs, and you can even try new foods from local markets!

Instead of Disney Land, Choose Free Attractions

If you are in California, instead of going to Disneyland and spending a fortune on tickets, snacks, and refreshments, instead go to one of the free attractions in the city. We’d highly recommend you visit the boardwalk in Santa Monica and hang out on the beach for a day. It might not be as thrilling, but your wallet will be saved from the adrenaline rush.