If you are visiting Walt Disney World, more than likely you are going to be spending at least one to five days touring Disney Magic Kingdom. This was the flagship theme park for Walt Disney World, and the park everybody recognizes with Cinderella’s Castle.

Disney World Magic Kingdom is huge. It is also the one theme park that caters to all age groups. Might we suggest first to read the overview of the Magic Kingdom and watch the short video we have provided for you. This video will give you a great feel for the park and will give you a preview of what to expect. Disney Magic Kingdom is broken up into seven main sections: Main Street USA, Tomorrow Land, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, and Mickey’s Toontown Fair. Our overview of the Disney Magic Kingdom breaks down every attraction in the different sections of the park. In addition, we provide a summary for each ride, along with the minimum height requirements, and what age groups are appropriate for each ride.

If you are visiting Disney World you are going to want to purchase your discount Disney World tickets before arriving in Orlando to get the best prices. When thinking about your Disney tickets, we oftentimes suggest all first time visitors purchase base tickets. In a recent study, some 60% of the guests who purchased the hopper option especially those with young children never used it. Here are more great tips on traveling with children. Our suggestion is to save your money. If you desire to add the hopper option, you can do so by simply taking your tickets to the Disney World Customer Service desk located in each theme park and paying them directly to add this option. We feel why pay for such an expensive option unless you know for sure you are going to use it.

Since most guests who visit the Magic Kingdom spend 8, 9 and even 10 hours or longer at a theme park, we have listed here a suggested group of dining options. The Disney Magic Kingdom has some really good restaurants, and if you do a little planning you can save some money.

The Disney Magic Kingdom was the first theme park built at Disney World. You might expect it is caulked full of fascinating history and many of the attractions have changed over the years. To truly appreciate everything this theme park has to offer, you might want to learn a little more about history behind the Magic Kingdom or read about the changes Disney has made to the attractions over the years. Even if this is your first time visiting the Magic Kingdom it is always fun to read about the fun fact of the theme park or great places to see characters at Magic Kingdom.