About Africa

Africa is a continent filled with beautiful people, breathtaking landscapes, and unique wildlife. Despite all that it has to offer, there is a lack of information about travel on the continent. Many are lead to believe that it cannot be done and that there is nothing worth traveling for in Africa and that’s where Africa travel blogs come in. However, for some travel enthusiast, Africa is a dream destination filled with soul, wildlife, adventure, landscapes, and charisma. These travelers all share their passion for travel through video, photographs, informative guides, and stories. It’s all in an effort to lift the veil on Africa and share the beauty that awaits fellow travelers. We realized recently that despite regularly following and using several blogs for information when we traveled around Africa, we realized there was no complete list. Now that we’re back at home we had some time to think about what our favorites, and who the best is for travel in Africa. These African travel blogs are people who have shared their information with the world and produced some great content at the same time.

Travel Guide

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